08 May 2014

La Porte Transit for Food

Rick Gesse is the owner of La Porte Transit Trucking Company and he has been using his trucks to personally pick up pallets of food from local suppliers every week. With these deliveries into the Salvation Army Food Pantry the amount and variety of food distributed has increased significantly. With his help, and that of so many others, there are many families who are eating better.

The Salvation Army Food Pantry is open on Monday morning, Tuesday afternoon, and Thursday evening. To apply for assistance contact us during business hours which are 9:00 AM until 4:00 PM, we are closed at noon for one hour.

Late last fall, Rick graciously began picking up and delivering this food, much of which is perishable and would have been wasted. This has made a big difference in the volume of food distributed; but, this is on top of all of the efforts of everyone who contribute thru local food drives as well as making monetary contributions. Thank you all, and especially, Rick, for using your business and your business contacts to make a difference.

The food pantry is always looking for volunteers. It takes a lot of hours and manual operations to receive, sort, and prepare the food for distribution. Distribution on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursday evening is another special part of working in the food pantry. To help, please call during office hours.